Custom Furniture

At Maram Homes, we let our customers decide; we don’t impose with our catalogue. The customer can pick their choice of color and size to fit their requirement, and not worry about how the furniture goes with your house or office’s decor. For a small added cost, you get to make your furniture the way you want it. Change its size, color, and even the wood used to make it; you have the option of either picking recycled wood or first hand wood. We make your furniture the way you like it.

If you are a business setting up a work space and you want your space to be made up of environment-friendly furniture, drop us a mail or give us a call, we can chat over a cup of coffee and come up with design solutions that will be reflective of your business and your eco-friendly ideologies.

Why Distress wood?

If you have old furniture that has reached its  expiry date, don’t throw it away, give us a call. We’ll turn your distress call into distressed furniture that’s aesthetically pleasing and ergonomical. It’s like fine wine in a finer bottle.


Reach out to us; we’ll make you furniture that fits like a glove and packs more.